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Why Call Manager?
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“I have found the Yac Call Manager service to be great. It has given my business a real professional edge, which we would have been unable to attain using conventional answer phones etc. The Yac staff are also very polite and efficient if one calls with a query.”

Andrew Richardson, Ariston Bell, Surrey

“Yac allows our staff in numerous locations to seamlessly answer calls as if we were in a single office together. It is easy to administer, and staff can even take control of where their own calls are sent to, reducing the technical support burden for the group.”

Jon Hassall, Unoco Group, Nottingham

“Yac Call Manager is a very professional and reliable telephone service!”

Adam Harris, Exalia Ltd., London

“I am delighted with the Yac Call Manager service. As a busy integrated marketing consultancy we have many demanding clients and not enough office phone lines. However Yac has solved this problem by routing the calls to someone who can take the call, ensuring regardless of geography, a member of the team is only a phone call away.”

Jason Gale, Handmade Communications Ltd., London

“Before we started to use Yac Call Manager we were often accused of ‘never answering our phones’. Since using Call Manager as our main contact telephone number we now only get positive feedback about how simple and effective our call handling is. We would recommend Yac to any business, especially small to medium sized businesses. It's a very sound investment and most importantly, highly reliable.”

Tristan Haskins and Louise Barby, Directors, BHIP Limited, Norfolk

“The Yac Call Manager Service is fantastic. It allows us to run our office flexibly and with ease.”

Andy Conroy, Vohm, Bedford

“As a group of small, one/two man companies, we need to work smarter. Yac has enabled us to be more professional, appear bigger and leverage the advantage of collaborative working under one phone number. A great service and ultimately, reliable - which is what counts!”

Gordon McLean, Click Worksafe Ltd, Southampton

“We are new customers of the Yac Call Manager service and our company is very impressed with it!”

Lee Clifford, Lifestyle Moraria SL, Alicante, Spain

“As a managing director in the travel business, having centralised and reliable contact numbers is a necessity.  Due to the nature of our business, our key resources are constantly on the move, with plans changing daily.  The Yac Call Manager system allows our clients to call one number which is routed to an expert in the field whether at home, in the office or on top of a mountain.  Yac does the hard work in tracking us down without inconveniencing the client!”

Adam O’Gilvie, Managing Director, Royal Silver Service, London

“As a manager of 10 mobile engineers, I find Yac's approach to number portability an invaluable service, physical location means nothing. The service is transparent to all but the administrators of the service.”

Andy Foukes, Customer Support Manager, IP-Performance.co.uk

“We use Yac Call Manager to help manage users of our mobile phone location service. They call into the number and leave personal details in response to key questions. The sound file is then sent on to our customer services team, who process the message and make any updates relevant to the customer's account. Yac Call Manager is very cost effective and helps us reduce call centre time and costs.”

Richard Jelbert (Founder and CEO), KidsOK

“Using Yac Call Manager has been great for us.  We are a knowledge-based company and our staff are located throughout the UK.  Working with Yac gives our blue-chip customers confidence that we're a professional organisation, wherever our staff may be.”

Peter Hunt, INVIGORS LLP., Hants.

“Yac Call Manager is fantastic. We have been using it for our business since January 2003 to provide a 24x7 support facility to a major blue chip Telecoms company. Its flexible call routing has allowed us to work from anywhere in the UK enabling a complete virtual office.”

Neil Gallagher, Herts.

“As a business offering 24x7 technical support for our clients' mission critical business applications, DSP depends on Yac's Call Manager service to provide a professional, single number interface to our clients.  The single number is important to us in that our clients can contact us day or night using the same number, but behind the scenes, the calls are routed to the appropriate resources depending on the time of day. Yac Call Manager is an excellent service which is backed up by a very helpful and product-knowledgeable support centre.”

Simon Brooks, DSP Global Ltd., London

“Dedipower Managed Hosting Ltd (formally Asuk Creative Ltd) has been using Yac Call Manager for years. It's a great call filtering tool and it can be universally used in a variety of ways. It has proven to be invaluable to the continuity of the company to keep in touch with our customers and is worth recommending.”

Eli Sugihara, DediPower Managed Hosting, Reading

“I run a small business from home. Yac gave me the easy low cost solution to give my company a corporate image with a professional 0870 number. The initial setup was a breeze and the online system lets you manage and customise the service instantly with no fuss”

Kamran Moussa-Zadeh, Micronet Broadband Service International, Surrey

“We use Yac as an off site PBX and answer phone service. We have only one member of staff on our help desk and Yac's system allows us to never miss a call. Customers simply leave a message and our helpdesk receive and Email with the message attached. It also allows us to be present to the customer out of hours and over public holidays. Without Yac we wouldn't be able to maintain the level of service that we do.”

Matthew Stinchcombe, Eunetics

“Yac's Call Manager service has allowed us to much better manage our staff's time and keep our customers happy too. It is great to be able to select exactly who gets what type of call. It has saved us a lot of money on an expensive PBX that we really didn't need!”

Ben Konyn, BISCit Internet

“Yac Call Manager has been very useful to our distributed business where the main phone system is in London, and I work from home in the New Forest - Exceptional!”

Colin Docketty, Director, ABC Toner Cartridges Ltd

“I have been using a number of Yac's services for personal e-faxes etc for a number of years. Recently, my company started using Yac Call Manager with a non-geographic number. We are really very pleased with the service, which is cost-effective, reliable, but mainly very easy to use and gives us a great deal of flexibility via its web interface. I should also say that every person I have dealt with in Yac has always been friendly and very helpful.”

Philip Plambeck, My IT Team Limited, London

“We are a small business handling some very big projects - usually with only one person to answer the phone. Thanks to Yac Call Manager we were able to give a full telephone service for 2 national campaigns this summer. The service is easy to set up and the Yac staff are very helpful. And the best thing is we will be moving premises in a couple of months and having the 0870 numbers already in place means our customers will still be able to get in touch!”

Tracey King, Companion Consultancy, Suffolk

“We find the Yac Call Manager service to be very helpful in our working environment where we have 4 people in a combination of 3 different offices taking calls at any given time. We have had problems in the past having too many telephone numbers which, to say the least, is rather unprofessional. Manually diverting proved to be very cumbersome and expensive as well as being easily overlooked at times, so Yac's Call Manager service was very welcome. We find Yac Call Manager to be quick, easy and efficient. Also, on the odd occasion that I have needed help, Yac's customer service team has been most helpful. As a very satisfied customer we will continue to use Yac's Call Manager service.”

Ian Brown, Sunsoar Paragliding, Cumbria

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